Is There a Free Version of Google Apps?

is there a free version of google apps

Is There a Free Version of Google Apps?

Google Apps, otherwise known as the “Google Apps Free Version” has been launched by the search giant to provide its users with an option to download their favorite apps for a totally free trial run. Though, this launch is actually part of the company’s ongoing effort to strengthen its stranglehold on the global marketplace. In fact, the new offering is said to be a huge improvement over the traditional apps that were once available through the apps store. The fact that it is free makes the app all the more enticing.

The biggest advantage that such apps would have for the user is that it would allow him to get hold of all his preferred apps right from the very first day of usage. This would include the Google Play app, Gmail account and many more. Users who are planning to buy the said program would not even have to think about it since the entire program would be offered absolutely free of cost. Users would however have to make a provision for Google Play promotion in order to make it worth the deal. Though this app would run on the Android platform, there is no word about the availability of the iPhone or BlackBerry devices just yet.

The biggest advantage that the offer affords is obviously cost benefit. As a matter of fact, a free trial run of Google apps would last for just a few days which is much more advantageous than having to purchase the program after using for a month. Furthermore, the user would also get to test all the apps that are provided by the program as well as its different features. All these activities would be completely free of cost.

It is worthy to note that the current offering is only available for the continental countries of the European Union. However, a large number of users have made it accessible to the residents of other countries like Asia Pacific and Africa. The reason behind the exclusion of other regions is simply the fact that Google has not yet managed to convert all the currencies into their local language so far.

The only way to get hold of a free Google Apps reseller license is to sign up as an independent developer and then find the corresponding application in the Google Play store. From there, the user would be able to download the application and install it onto their mobile device. Google Apps provides all the tools and applications that a user would need in order to launch an app. These applications include the Android interface, the Android user experience and the Android user application framework. This means that a person does not need to be technically savvy in order to use the application.

In conclusion, it can be safely said that the free version of Google Apps is only for some select users in the European Union and is not meant for everybody. The free trial would last for a very short period only and after that, the user would have to make the decision whether to keep the application or not. The same applies to the other apps and services that are offered by the brand.

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