Introduction to the Latest Phones

Smartphones are fast becoming as common and indispensable as desktop computers. They are convenient, easy to use and provide the benefits of being able to access the Internet, store photos and more with the same device. A smartphone is basically a portable mobile device that combines computing functions with cellular phone functions into one small unit. Many people are asking what are the differences between a smartphone case.


One of the most obvious differences between smartphones and smart phones is the lack of a physical home button on the handset. Smartphones are also known as smartphone. Smartphones can be pocketed like a pocket phone and used with the case wrapped around it to make the phone waterproof or water resistant. Some of the higher end smartphones available in the market come with cameras and video recording features which are generally not included in the free mobile phone deals. The Android operating system used in most smartphones is different from the OS used in regular hand held mobile phones.

Smartphones generally lack a touch screen. Some touchscreen phones available in the market are coming with touch-screen functions but the drawback is the reduced processing speed and reduced user interaction. Many applications are developed for smartphones for Internet browsing and shopping and these phones usually have a built in browser where the user can browse the Internet using a tap.

The biggest advantage of owning a smartphone is the incredible convenience factor of being able to stay connected wherever you may be. Most smartphones are equipped with a built-in application store or directory where you can access the thousands of apps available and find the information you are looking for. Almost all modern smartphones have instant messaging (IM) and text messaging (TMS), which are the two most important communication tools available in smartphones. The text messaging service provided by most smartphones is limited only to 160 characters and cannot be sent across international lines. Immediate Answers or Replies are built-in features in most smart phone models and they provide immediate feedback on what the user is typing.

The biggest disadvantage of a smartphone is its lack of any web browser. This can actually be beneficial if you need to do work offline. However, most of the apps that require web browser functionality do not work well on mobiles due to their poor browser compatibility. Many websites such as Facebook and Twitter do not work on mobiles because they are designed for the touch-screen technology of iPhones and hence can not be accessed on a smartphone. There are some apps that are designed specifically for mobiles and so are usable on mobiles.

Today smartphones are amongst the hottest gadgets launched by manufacturers and they are predicted to be even more popular in the future. In this competitive and cutthroat world, manufacturers are always trying to outdo each other and come out with innovative features and exciting advertisements. Most of the leading manufacturers such as Nokia, Samsung, LG, Motorola and Sony Ericsson are constantly working towards making their phones even better and offer more power and features than the others. A leading feature in smartphones these days is the Internet browser facility where you can access to a variety of websites and perform tasks like browsing and downloading. So it is up to you to choose a smartphone that fulfils your personal needs to keep up with the latest trend.

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