Smartphones – A Breakdown by Industry

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Smartphones – A Breakdown by Industry

Research Report by IDC and Pricewaterhouse Coopers – IDC has analyzed the global smartphone market over the last six months to one year. Worldwide shipments of Smartphones reached record levels in Q2’15, registering double-digit growth. In the same period, smartphone shipments registered double-digit growth in China, Taiwan, India and Latin America. The smartphone market in developed countries like U.S., U.K., Spain, France, Italy, Germany and Japan is growing steadily. Worldwide smartphone shipments are now within reach of many mid-sized to large size business enterprises (M&s), which aim to exploit the rapidly growing consumer base for future profits.

Worldwide Smartphone Market Share by Revenue by Years – The table below presents Worldwide Smartphones Market Share by Revenue by Years, indicating the number of smartphones sold by users in specific years. The data is presented for the latest calendar year (in silver) and each individual year since 1996. It is calculated by taking the total shipments of Smartphones sold by network operators during that period. The data are presented for the total number of units sold, subscribers and users of smartphones, both active and dead. It is estimated that in this calendar year, there will be approximately 53.5 million units sold by users of smartphones, and an additional 13.5 million units by network operators.

This table presents the data for the year ending December 31, 2013. The data are presented for the number of units sold by users of smartphones, active and dead. The data is presented by carrier country and smart cell provider. It is estimated that by calendar year end, the smartphone’s market share is predicted to increase from the current level of approximately 17% to about 50%. This indicates that there is scope for further faster growth and new markets are opening up for growth.

The second table presented in the research is the forecast for the smartphone’s market share in the next five years, basing on the data from the previous table. This second table shows that the users of smartphones are getting older. It also shows that there is a sharp increase in the units sold by network operators during the next five years.

The third table provides a breakdown of the smartphone market share by regions. It shows that the smartphone market share in the Asia Pacific region is increasing. The figure also indicates that the user density is increasing in this region. As per this table, the shares in the Middle East are going down slightly, but the Middle East still stands out as the second largest smartphone market in the world.

The last table presented in the research is the overall global market analysis. It provides estimates for the total shipments, sales and revenues by each of the service and product categories, as well as the breakdown of each individual product. As per this table, the revenues generated through the upstream activities and the retail activities are the main drivers of growth in smartphones.

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