LG 4G Smartphones Under 5000

LG 4G Smartphones Under 5000 LG is one of the leading smartphone providers in India. Its range of handsets is impressive and includes a variety of price brackets for its users. Its range of LG […]

Are LG Mobile Phones Any Good?

LG has had its share of bad press in recent years but it’s always been a top-notch brand, so its products are still worth looking at. In 2013, the company’s Explorer Project produced the underpowered […]

LG Rebrands Smartphone Division

LG Rebrands Smartphone Division LG’s mobile business has struggled in recent years and the company is looking to improve its performance. Its smartphone business has posted poor financial results and it has struggled to gain […]

The LG Brand of Smartphones

The LG Brand of Smartphones The LG brand of smartphones has been a popular choice for users all over the world. Their large screen and simple buttons make them a great choice for younger and […]

Where Are LG Phones Manufactured?

Where Are LG Phones Manufactured? The Korean electronics giant, LG, announced plans to withdraw from the smartphone market in early April. This move will allow it to focus more on its other businesses, including home […]

Is LG Phones Better Than Samsung?

Is LG Phones Better Than Samsung? Is LG better than Samsung? The answer is no. The Galaxy Note 8 is still the best phone, but LG has made some improvements since its launch. It isn’t […]

LG’s Exit From the Smartphone Industry

LG’s exit from the smartphone industry is not really a surprise. The Korean company has struggled to stay afloat for the past few years, and is now expected to stop producing smartphones after 31 July. […]

LG Smartphones on Flipkart

LG has always been known for their high-performance mobile phones. They come with a variety of features such as dual or quad-core processors, 2 to 4 GB of RAM, clock speeds of 1.5-2.5 GHz, and […]

The LG Velvet Smartphone

The LG Velvet is an Android phablet manufactured by LG Electronics. It shares hardware with LG’s flagship V60 ThinQ, but has a smaller battery and different cameras. The Velvet is expected to be available in […]