Is Samsung Smartphones Under 8000 in India?

samsung smartphones under 8000 in india

Is Samsung Smartphones Under 8000 in India?

Samsung has launched a new range of smartphones under the affordable price range. In India, Samsung is amongst the leading brands and has more than a million users in just one country alone. As per estimates, Samsung has sold more than twenty thousand smartphones in the country in a single year. The success of these phones has become quite easy because they are targeted by the users from different age groups, educational institutes and other professional circles.

As per Samsung, the brand has developed a variety of features for its smartphones in India to cater to the needs of every class and group. This has helped the company to expand its market share in the country to a great extent. By improving upon its features, it has also made its competitors more advanced and provide features which are difficult to keep pace with.

By introducing the world’s first curved design, the brand is contributing towards increasing its market share in the country. The G Flex from Samsung helps users have a hands-free experience while working on the go. Moreover, the phone is ideal for those who want to carry out multitasking without having to shift their attention from one task to another. With the help of the S Pen feature, the user can easily write text messages and emails without having to take out the handset. In the coming years, this feature is expected to emerge as a major attraction to the user base of the brand.

Samsung has kept its mobile phones in the budget segment and has launched a few handsets for mid-budget users. The launch of the Galaxy S4 has been accompanied by the launch of a few budget smartphones under the name of “World Class” series. These handsets come with features that are quite similar to the high end devices but are available at a fraction of the cost. This has led to the growth in the smartphone segment in India and the competition has only increased.

The demand for a smartphone in India has also increased due to various operators like Airtel, Vodafone and Idea providing free talk time to the subscribers. This has further added fuel to the fire as more people own smartphones and are ready to purchase a smartphone to make their communication accessible to a larger segment of the Indian population. However, the scenario is far from being ripe for the entry of a brand like Samsung into the Indian smartphone market. The market for mid-budget smartphones in India is completely non-existent in the country. The low profit margin that is associated with the smartphone segment in India makes it a difficult proposition for Samsung to make money by manufacturing smartphones. The presence of various operators, the low price of the smartphone and the low selling prices of smartphones in the country make it difficult for Samsung to enter the market.

However, the scenario is changing and there is a distinct possibility that Samsung will make its way into the Indian smartphone market through an indirect method. The company has already established a strong distribution network in the Asian continent and is looking to make its presence felt in the Indian market. The company has already launched its mobile application in the Indian App Store and is looking to partner with various retailers to sell its smartphones. Apart from this, Samsung is also looking at making its presence felt through various third party developers by offering them a chance to monetize the application and resell it on the Samsung apps website. This will only increase the reach of the Korean manufacturer and increase the chance of it entering the Indian smartphone market through an indirect method.

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