Sony IMX689 Smartphone Review

The Sony IMX689 image sensor is one of the most powerful on a smartphone. Its 48-megapixel resolution spreads over a 1.12-inch sensor. The Sony IMX689 has one of the largest pixels of any smartphone camera. […]

Sony Smartphone Launch 2021

The Sony Xperia Z3 is set to launch in 2021 and has an impressive list of features, including a triple camera array, ultra-wide display, and the latest chipset for gaming. The phone will also sport […]

Sony Smartphones at Saturn

Sony Smartphones at Saturn When it comes to the latest smartphones, Sony is the top brand. Their products are known for their superior technology and high quality materials, but they are also extremely compact and […]

Is a Sony Mobile Worth Buying?

Is a Sony Mobile Worth Buying? So you’ve decided to buy a new Sony mobile. But what exactly do you look for in a good handset? Does it come with a high-resolution OLED screen? Does […]

Sony’s Best Smartphones

Sony’s Best Smartphones Among the top brands of smartphones, Sony is one of the few to offer 21:9 aspect-screen phones. The slim and slender design makes them easy to hold in your hand and can […]

Why Sony Smartphones Are Not Popular

Why Sony Smartphones Are Not Popular Despite its success in other categories, Sony hasn’t been able to break into the smartphone market. Despite a few key changes, Sony has yet to hit the mark with […]

Sony Brand of Smartphones From 2012

Sony Brand of Smartphones From 2012 Besides the Xperia XA2, Sony also launched a new Xperia XA2 Mini. This was a smaller version of the renowned ‘Xperia ‘X10’. Moreover, it was announced at the Consumer […]

Sony Smartphones nach Erscheinungsdatum

Sony is not disclosing the number of smartphones it sold in its quarterly financials, and that may be a reason for the poor performance of its smartphones. Nonetheless, the Xperia-Series offers a 5-inch OLED screen […]

Sony Xperia Smartphones in Uganda

If you’re looking for the best Android smartphone in Uganda, you’ve probably been tempted by the Sony Xperia Z1 or Z2. Both have excellent features and good battery timing, but there are a few differences […]

Sony IMX586 Smartphone Camera

Sony IMX586 Smartphone Camera The Sony IMX586 has an 8-megapixel stacked CMOS image sensor that is positioned at the back of the device. Its CMOS sensor is a 48-megapixel camera that combines four pixels to […]