Experience Wonderful Benefits Withxiaomi Smartphones mit Qi

The new Xiaomi Smartphones fromxiaomi is equipped with the Qi charging technology. This is a groundbreaking innovation in the smartphone world. Most people do not know how Qi can charge a smartphone because most smartphone batteries run on the standard micro USB connector. However, the new charger utilizes the latest technology which is the Charge Channel Technology. With this new technology, the battery of your smartphone can be charged much faster than before!

xiaomi smartphones mit qi

Most phones today have only one power source, which means that one battery is constantly being used to power up the device. When the battery gets low, the phone switches to the slow down mode which requires more energy to keep the phone running. On the other hand, the Charge Channel allows only one source of power for the smartphone. That is why your smartphone will not work when it’s unplugged. And this is just not what we want for our beloved devices.

We are not only talking about smartphones but SIP enabled mobile phones as well. This feature enables the phone to make and receive calls without any connection. It makes it so that you can stay connected no matter where you are or what you are doing. You can even be chatting on the subway while riding the bus!

You may think that the phones fromxiaomi only have hardware buttons. However, there are plenty of soft buttons which are very useful indeed. If you need to call the police, then press the “cheon” button on the left of the microphone. If you want to call your brother, then hit the right button on the right of the keyboard. Each of these buttons performs its own task just like the real buttons on a real smartphone.

One thing that you might find annoying about many cellphones is the GPS system. This is not present in the new Xiaomi smartphones. As a result, you get detailed information about the current location of the person you are calling. If you are playing a game and you need to track down a particular player, all you have to do is press the “virtual map” option present on the phone.

This is one technology that you would normally find in expensive smartphones. The reason for the entry price is because of the high quality camera and the powerful processor. To get the best performance, do not forget to download a good wallpaper app for your smartphone. Do not forget to download an app that helps in organizing your smartphone data. The app will help you to save all your photos and videos in one place and help you access them with ease.

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